Search Engine Optimization

A lot of people still hear SEO (search engine optimization) and think it’s about stuffing your website full of keywords. If Google’s algorithm was that simple, they wouldn’t be worth hundreds of billions of dollars and none of us would bother Googling anything. Search engines use countless inputs to evaluate what produces a good search result. Anything that helps you “optimize” those inputs should be considered SEO. Think of your entire digital presence as a car—SEO is the oil that keeps the engine from burning out, the grease that prevents the lugnuts from freezing, the wiper fluid that keeps your window clean.  We’ll help you navigate the maze that is SEO so that you exit out on top of your competition.

Search and Display Advertising

Search advertising, commonly known as PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) is the practice of buying advertising space on search results pages, typically for queries specific to a given business. Unlike traditional, offline advertising mediums, purchases can often be directly attributed to search ads, allowing advertisers to closely measure their return on their investment.

Display advertising includes, but is not limited to, banner ads. Banner ads are often used in conjunction with other forms of marketing to help businesses bring customers back into the funnel. For example, think of all the times you’ve looked at a particular pair of shoes or pants, and then banner ads appear on other websites as you browse the web as a friendly reminder that hey, you really do want those shoes. That’s display advertising at its best.

At Devs As A Service, our specialty for search and display advertising is helping our clients find ways to significantly reduce their advertising costs (through more effective management, more careful ad buys, or both), while increasing their conversions.